About 10 years ago, I walked into the chiropractor’s office in the small town that I live in.  The chiropractor came out and asked why I was there.  I said that I needed an adjustment.  He asked if I had any pain.  I said no.   He asked why I was there.  I said the same, that I needed an adjustment.  This same conversation went on literally about 10 minutes.   So finally, he asked if I’d ever had a chiropractic adjustment.  I told him that I had had hundreds of them.  He then asked if I could give him the name and the phone number of a chiropractor that had treated me before.  I did and ten minutes later he came out and said that he was told by the consulting chiropractor that he should believe anything I told him.  As soon as I got on the table, he exclaimed “You do need an adjustment!”…

10 years prior to this encounter, my mentor and chiropractor helped me to understand that it was important to listen to the body.  It talks.  He shared with me that pain is the last sign of imbalances in the body.  I share with you five of the most common signs of imbalances that I find in my clinical practice.

1. One of the first signs that your body is out of balance is that you do not sleep through the night.  You are supposed to sleep through the night without getting up even to pee.

2. Back to the chiropractic theme: If you bump into tables, desks or doorways, it means that you could use an alignment.  Just like your car needs an alignment when it pulls to one side, so do you.

3. Do you crave sweets?  Do you have brain fog?  Has your get up and go got up and gone?   Do you have acne or eczema to boot?   Usually, this is a case of overgrown candida albicans.

4. Do you have hip and neck pain?  Do you feel irritable, angry and frustrated?  (Someone or something is a pain in your neck and/or a pain in your butt—lol)  Do you have pain around your shoulder blades or under your right breast?  This is usually an indication of gallbladder imbalances.

5. Do you take antacids or have gluten sensitivities, IBS or reflux?  Are you constipated, or not having a bowel movement for every meal that you eat?  This is an indication of digestive imbalances.

Ok, I know that I met my quota, but I am giving you a bonus…

6. Do you have the bladder of a flea and have to pee frequently and urgently?  This is usually an indication of kidney and bladder imbalances.

Now that you know some of the signs, become a good listener.  Seek out a good health care practitioner who will listen to you, one that knows the body and one who will seek out and correct the root cause of your imbalances.

Wishing you health beyond measure,
Ivan Anderson

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