Hair Analysis

“With a Few Strands of Hair… I Can Change Your Life”

“This is my primary assessment tool.  I can determine energy imbalances to organs, glands and blood.  The analysis can also help me determine nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and the presence of parasites.”

~~Dr. Ivan Anderson~~

hair-sample-analysisThe Hair Analysis is a method to test the energetic imbalances within your body.  This analysis is based on Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and quantum physics.  It is a noninvasive way to access information about your body.

Clients provide a small sample of hair (5-10 strands).  This sample is placed in a well (cup) that is connected to my computer.  Your hair acts as a radio receiving information called frequencies from your body.  Yes, we are energetic beings.  Each of our organs vibrate at a specific frequency. Parasites and toxins within your body have specific frequencies as well.  The goal is to eliminate the parasites and toxins and to restore balance to the stressed body systems.  I do that with a proprietary formula of liquid drops.  You may also receive recommendations for nutritional or lifestyle modifications to help facilitate sustained health and well-being.

One of the greatest benefits of the proprietary remedy is that I can put all of the healing energy in one bottle, eliminating the need to take several supplements.  Less to remember and money saved by not having to purchase multiple supplements.

Your hair, blood, saliva, and every part of you is always connected to you. I use your hair because it does not decay like other body fluids or parts will.  As a result, I can use the same hair sample for the rest of our lives.  (For more information, research “surrogate muscle (response) testing”.

Clients come to me to identify and resolve challenges with headaches, pain, insomnia, allergies, blood sugar, high blood pressure, digestive challenges, OCD and ADHD, just to name a few reasons.  I have been able to address immune system imbalances as well as imbalances in the reproductive organs.

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