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“My ongoing quest to learn more is all in the pursuit to help you feel better.” ~ Dr. Ivan

The Healing Broadcast is a method of directing healing energy or frequencies to a client whether the client is one foot away or thousands of miles away.  People of every culture have used spiritual healing, distant healing or prayer as a mechanism to improve health or remove dis-ease.  Today, with the help of quantum physics, connected via the DNA (a hair sample), there is technology that exists that can transmit healing energy to anyone at any time, no matter where they live in the world.

Healing Broadcast or distant healing is practiced worldwide and is performed openly by medical doctors and holistic practitioners in many countries, including England and Canada.  This type of healing is safe and highly effective.

Removing the limits of time (reaches you instantaneously) and space (your location), broadcasting healing energy allows me to help people all over the world, as well as help people right here in my community, receive healing energy uniquely formulated for their individual needs.  Many of my clients subscribe to my ongoing broadcast to help combat parasites and to address imbalances as they arise.   


Please note, the Healing Broadcast is an extension of the Hair Analysis.  Instead of providing liquid drops to eliminate imbalances, I use my computer to transmit (broadcast) the healing frequencies that would have been in the drops.

My current knowledge and my ongoing quest to learn more is all in the pursuit to help you feel better. Please feel free to email me at info@healingtreehealth.com if you have any questions or concerns.  I am here to help.


Shiatsu, which literally means “cure with the touch of fingers,“ is a Japanese by-product of Traditional Chinese Medicine used for thousands of years to promote health and longevity. Shiatsu primarily uses thumb pressure to achieve mind/body harmony but also employs the use of the hands, knees and feet. Techniques involve holding, rocking, stretching and are combined with various gentle manipulation techniques.

As a holistic form of treatment, Shiatsu looks at illness and symptoms of disease as imbalances of energy. Treatment stimulates, relaxes, invigorates, decongests, and gives an overall sense of body/mind/spirit well-being. Shiatsu not only works on the visible symptoms of imbalance, but also at an even deeper level, the energetic level, the root of all imbalances.

Touch for Health (TFH)


TFH therapy uses a series of muscle (resistance) tests to identify the energetic imbalances in the organ/meridian system.  Balance is restored to the body thru the use of acupressure and by lightly holding pre-established points on the body.  This therapy is ideal for increasing strength in athletes and for reestablish strength to those suffering from any injury affecting muscle strength or overall strength in the body.


We have helped many of your fury loved ones and some of the not so fury ones feel and behave their best.  

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