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“I was born to do this!” This is the sentiment echoed by many of my clients. Everything that I have done in my life has brought me to this point…

Unbeknownst to me, I started my Energy Medicine journey at the ripe old age of 9 years old, when I started practicing karate. I grew up in the Bruce Lee era and could not wait to learn the “death touch” (lol). As I pursued my training, I was exposed to moxibustion and acupuncture, both forms of traditional Chinese medicine. I had always heard about this mysterious energy call Ki (Chi) used in the martial arts to defeat an opponent or used by an acupuncturist to help clients heal. Years later, I had the privilege to twice visit Japan to train with my teacher’s instructor, who was one of the foremost authorities in understanding energy flow as it relates to both the martial and healing aspects of the body.

Healthcare in America is really “sick care.”

My professional career includes more than 12 years working in the area of Managed Care. I have worked for two of the three largest health insurers in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and have provided managed care consulting for at least 5 organizations along the east coast. Some of my responsibilities included proposal writing, sales and data management, and Actuarial systems analysis. Here, I learned that healthcare in America is really sick care and that making money was the bottom line, not the health and well-being of the patient.

Healer, Heal Thyself

Unfortunately, the stress of consulting got the best of me. I began to experience neck, shoulder and hip pain. I declined my doctor’s prescription for morphine and sought alternative care. I met my mentor, an acclaimed chiropractor who helped me eliminate the pain and helped me understand that the body can heal itself. He was the reason that I studied Shiatsu. Later, a friend recommended that I see an herbalist for my severe asthma. The herbalist took a blood sample, did an analysis and gave me an energy medicine remedy, similar to a homeopathic, to take. After a month on his remedy, I did not wheeze for an entire year. I then visited this herbalist a couple of times a month asking him if I could sweep his floors, stock his shelves or wait on his customers, in an attempt to learn what he did for me. Finally after a couple of years of persistence, he relented and told me where to order my equipment. I perform the analysis via the hair instead of by using the blood. (Blood and saliva grow mold. Hair remains intact forever.)

Lifelong Learner

Coming full circle, my 40+ years as a karate practitioner, my professional career, my personal pain coupled with my 15+ years as a holistic practitioner, have all come together to help me assist thousands of clients world-wide live pain free and overcome many chronic health imbalances. I am a Certified Shiatsu Therapist, an Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Master Karate Instructor. I have also earned a B.B.A. degree in Actuarial Science from Temple University. I am committed to life-long learning and actively study homeopathy, polarity therapy, taiji, shiatsu and quantum physics.

Healing Broadcast (Distant Healing)

I am open to using, finding or to developing the better mousetrap (healing therapy).  People of every culture have used spiritual healing, distant healing or prayer as a mechanism to improve health or remove dis-ease.  Today, with the help of quantum physics, connected via the DNA, there is technology that exists that can transmit healing energy to anyone at any time, no matter where they live in the world.

Distant Healing is practiced worldwide and is performed openly by medical doctors in many countries, including England and Canada.  This type of healing is safe and highly effective.  Consequently, this kind of (energy) medicine poses a threat to the financial gains of the mainstream medical and pharmaceutical institutions.

Removing the limits of time (an appointment) and space (your location), Broadcasting healing energy allows me to help people all over the world, as well as people right here in my community, receive healing energy uniquely formulated for their individual needs.

My current knowledge and my ongoing quest to learn more is all in the pursuit to help you, my client, feel better. Please feel free to email me at Ivan@healingtreehealth.com if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help.

My ongoing quest to learn more is all in the pursuit to help you, my client, feel better.

My ongoing quest to learn more is all in the pursuit to help you, my client, feel better.

-Ivan Anderson

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