What would you do if you could live pain and disease free; no headaches, no back pain, cancer, diabetes
and high blood pressure gone? Einstein, Tesla, Rife, Abrams and Clark are some of the doctors and
inventors who were pioneers in energy medicine who laid claim to healing and to curing disease.
This is the last video in a four parts series on Energy Medicine. This video focuses on Healing Devices,
devices that were intended and have been used world-wide for eliminating pain, killing parasites and for
healing disease.

Imagine an instrument that can be used to identify cancer in less than 30 seconds. Imagine the same
instrument that can heal cancer without drugs or surgery. With a little curiosity and investigation, you,
the viewer, can step through an open door, one that most people in the world may never, ever be
exposed to.

I have personally tried and tested most of these devices, some with astounding success! Take a few
moments out of your busy schedule to view the presentation and PLEASE give your valuable feedback.
This information has changed my life, my family’s lives and the lives of thousands of clients world-wide.

Enjoy, Ivan


Please check out the first three videos in this 4-part series! Healing Helpers, Supporting Your Healing Journey, Healing Hands, You Have the Power, and Healing Practices.

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