Note: This testimonial was received by an 83 year old client’s daughter, sharing our work and their results. We feel this demonstrates you can heal at any age!

For the last few years, I watched my mother’s health decline in drastic ways. She had constant diarrhea, vomiting, dizzy, no appetite, pain in her neck and back. She was detached from reality, a failing memory, and little or no desire to talk or engage with people around her.


My family was very active in taking her to the medical doctor for testing to address her situation. She was rapidly losing weight from an already skinny frame, her mind was confused, foggy and she was becoming very forgetful. We all started to worry about her constantly. The medical doctors were absolutely no help, they put her through rigorous testing and found a small spot on her lung. The doctor said she is old and it is most likely cancer, but she is too fragile to do a biopsy, so she wanted to leave it alone.


The doctor chalked her condition up to “old age,” since she is in her 80’s and did nothing for any of her symptoms. This did not sit well with me at all and I began discussing my mother’s condition with friends who are aware of alternative healing modalities, to find a way to assist her declining health situation. I was referred to Ivan Anderson at Healing Tree Wellness by a dear friend who also has had fantastic success with his treatments. I immediately knew that hair analysis and broadcasting would be a powerful way to help my mother, where the medical industry had completely failed.


After her initial hair analysis, we discovered that my mother was suffering from tick bacteria, imbalances in her stomach, candida, worms, and imbalances in her lungs. At this point, she was sleeping constantly, very pale, hardly eating and very “tuned out” of reality. Once Ivan began broadcasting to my mother, within a few days she had a strong turnaround! She got the color back in her face, her mind was much clearer, and her energy level had increased. The diarrhea ceased, as did the vomiting. She stopped being dizzy, and all the back & neck pain she had for years had gone completely away!


This progress continued as the weeks went on. We noticed how much more she engaged in conversations with clarity and enthusiasm. She is smiling and joking and back to her old self once again. She is walking around with ease instead of laying on the sofa all day. Only one month of broadcasting has given her a total turnaround.


My father took her to the lung specialist for a follow up visit, the screening of her lung showed nothing but a slight shadow where the mass was located. The doctor believes the mass is decreasing in size and feels it should just be left alone. She has no idea my mother is getting Ivan’s broadcasting for her condition.


This progress has taken place in just a month’s time. We are very grateful and happy to have a way to help my mother where conventional medicine failed completely. I would recommend Ivan’s hair analysis and broadcasting for severe situations such as my mother has experienced, as well as for any other type of imbalance or condition one may have. The broadcasting is gentle and non-invasive and truly works as a strong alternative in addition to Western medical treatment, or when it fails to help at all.


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