Americans woke up to a new President Elect, an elected President who for many feel leaves our country divided. On one side, you have people who view this day as a day of great hope, while others feel this is a time of despair. Some feel that the results of the election will bring about change in the “status quo” leadership of the government, while others feel a heavy presence of overtones of racism and bigotry.

I am not going to deliver the same old message that you are bound to hear. “It’s time to come together as a nation.”

No, I am going to tell you that WE are BETTER than that! If we are better, then we can do better!

I have lived and survived the terms of 9 presidents – from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. During this time, I, and many of you, have lived through and survived segregation, wars, natural disasters, presidential scandals, near economic collapse and terrorism, both home and abroad.

What is the common thread? We have, despite our many differences, managed to survive and thrive, independently and as a nation.

I submit to you today those of you most displeased with the election results have an enormous opportunity and perhaps a personal responsibility to do something to move our country in the right direction. Be a change agent; be the change that you want to see. You can do more and you can be more! Let your light shine instead of hiding it under a basket. Interesting that those who get involved and contribute the most complain the least…

What can you do? Become involved in local politics. Volunteer for organizations that support your ideals. Create your own organization that supports your areas of need. Continue to work on improving yourself. Take classes. Listen to and read inspirational material. Improve your health – eat better, exercise and seek professional help. Pray. Love.

For those who are happy with the outcome of the election, feel good; feel proud and continue to work to keep this country great. Build bridges and take the high road. Seek first to understand before being understood. You too can also get and stay involved. And by all means, show compassion!

Adversity presents the greatest opportunity for us to grow. It takes each individual citizen of the United States to keep our nation great, not the politicians. I look forward to the next four years to see the person that I become, to see the person that some of you become and to see who we become as a nation! I encourage you to do the same.

My 84 year old mother sent me a text message this morning, “Love is in the air.” I replied, “It always has been.”

Let your light shine,
Ivan Anderson

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