Struggling with elevated blood sugar?  How about a nagging back ache or migraine headache, do you constantly have to take pain medicine for relief?  Considering chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as your only hope for cancer?


As an energy medicine practitioner, every day I serve clients who are faced with these and many other health challenges. For most people, they do not have a clue as to what energy medicine is and how effective it can be.  Consequently, in this and in some of my future blog posts, I will introduce and share reviews for some of the books that have been paramount in my learning.  Information in these books has helped me and thousands of my clients recover and move towards vibrant health.


The first book I would like to share is “The Cure for All Diseases”, by Hulda Clark.  This book is really a gem!  She presents the information in very simple terms, information that is used to remedy/cure many chronic, “so-called” incurable diseases.  She empowers you to put your health in your hands and find solutions to your health challenges.  Finally she gives you tools and resources to use to achieve that end.


So let us begin…


Clark says there are only two health problems—parasites and pollution (toxins).  Kill the parasites; eliminate and avoid the toxins and you can overcome almost every disease.  This book will be a cinch to read if you keep this in mind.   Otherwise, the wealth of information may be overwhelming.


Wouldn’t you like a cure for the common cold, cancer and how about HIV disease?  Here, she lists the common causes of these aforementioned diseases.  She goes on to list causes of both painful (arthritis, gout, migraines, etc.) and non-painful diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc.).  She also addresses childhood diseases and diseases of the elderly.


The beauty of this book is that she not only presents information to help you understand why we get sick, she provides a solution.  She explains that everything has an electricalfrequency.  Physics asserts this as fact.  Then, she explains how, via the use of frequencies, you can destroy the parasites, eliminate the toxins and restore the balance of your organs and glands.  She also gives the world what I consider to be a gift.  She gives the schematic on how to build a “Zapper”, a small instrument costing under $25, which emits frequencies to address the imbalances and helps to restore health. (Note: The Zapper can be purchased on the internet; buyers beware.)


Added Bonuses:  Clark shares recipes to make healthy beverages, cosmetics and household products.  She includes cleanses for the organs and even includes a weight loss recipe. She also list resources that carry some of the products that she recommends.  Finally, she includes case histories so the reader can see the results she obtained with the use of her methods.


I have personally used Clark’s methods to help thousands of clients.  The use of electrical frequencies is being used across the world.  You may be familiar with the cold laser, the Biofeedback or Radionics computer.  All of which uses electrical frequencies to help restore health.


I encourage you to open your minds, borrow the book from the library or purchase it for your own private library.  I am here to answer your questions, engage in dialogue regarding your feedback or here just to listen to what your experiences are.  Please take time to leave a message (post) here on our site.  It is always my pleasure to share and exchange knowledge.





Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner

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