What’s Hair Got To Do With It?

The Exciting part of a Hair Analysis is that I find out why you don’t feel your best and I do something about it!

  • Headaches and pain, Gone!
  • You sleep better.
  • Your rashes and itching go away.
  • You have more energy!
  • Bloating and constipation disappear.
  • *Food Sensitivities may be identified and eliminated.

How do I help you?  I help you by getting rid of:

  1. Parasites (worms, bacteria, viruses and mold killed)
  2. Toxins (chemicals and pollutants removed).
  3. Electromagnetic frequencies (from cell phones, microwaves and other sources eliminated).
  4. Helping organs and glands heal to re-establish balanced energy flow throughout the body.

I Test the Energetic Health of Your Organs.

I examine over 200+ body systems and sub-systems, including Emotions (why am I feeling this way?), Bones and Joints (I am so achy.), Glands/Hormones (who am I today?), the entire digestive tract (constipated, have diarrhea, bloating or gas?).

Then, I present my findings (imbalances) in a prescheduled conference call.  I share the imbalances that I detected, imbalances the cause you from feeling your absolute best.  I mail you a tincture that will restore balance to your body.  Additional follow-up conference calls may be scheduled within 4-8 weeks period.  Diet information may be distributed as needed.

Why are you not feeling your best?

After 20 years of research, I find that Parasites and Toxins are the main reasons we get sick. Kill the parasites and eliminate the toxins, we can overcome almost every ailment!  Please download and read my eBook, The Parasites Eat First, to learn more.

Every medical system in the world has a method to diagnose and treat illnesses. Fortunately, the hair analysis is an alternative medicine modality that is safe, effective, noninvasive and affordable.


I use your hair to assess imbalances in your health.  From head-to-toe, inside and out, I search to find the reason why you feel the way you do. Then, I give you a proprietary tincture to establish balance and to restore good health. I do not treat disease.  I address the underlying root cause of your imbalances.

* An additional fee is required for food sensitivity testing and tinctures,

If you are interested in purchasing a hair analysis, jump over to our online shop and click the Buy Now button. https://healingtreehealth.com/online-shop/

Become the healthiest person you know!


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