It has been a long time coming, and I am excited to finally be in front of the camera and sharing some of the information that I have on the human body and how it works.

I am blessed to work with folks all over the world every day, helping them navigate through their health challenges. I have seen 1000’s of clients to date and I have seen it all, when it comes to imbalances that cause major symptoms. 

As I have considered how to present information to you, I thought a good place to start would be going from top to bottom, your head down to your toes. 

Many of my clients come to me because they are struggling with hair loss, this is both men and women. If you are experiencing hair loss, you are not alone and there is hope!

In this video I will be sharing 5 REASONS YOU ARE LOSING HAIR. Some of these reasons may surprise you, as will some of the simple solutions.

Once you have watched the video I would love to hear from you! Answer these questions in the comments below: Are you struggling with hair loss? Have you found an effective method to stop hair loss that worked for you? Please leave as much detail as you can, you never know when your story might be an inspiration to others. 

Don’t forget, if you are experiencing hair loss or other health conditions that cause you to struggle, I can help! 

Be well! 
Ivan Anderson, N.D.

P.S. – If you find value in this video please, share it with a friend, like and comment. 

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