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We continue to work to keep you healthy, happy and informed.

The HT Private Health Membership Association (PMHA) has been formed to allow us to discuss and deliver cutting edge technology and information to our members.  Many holistic, alternative and complementary therapies and practitioners have come under attack  by mainstream medical and pharmaceutical organizations for disseminating information that actually helps, and does not harm the client.

We offer you a lifetime membership for a non-refundable amount of $10. This cost, however, may be applied as a discount to your very first purchase of any product or service. You win all around.

We address the root cause of dis-ease, not just the symptoms.

Access to 

  • Wellness Videos providing the latest information on health and nutrition.
  • Cutting Edge Healing Broadcast with a “risk-free” trial period.
  • Great Value on services, treatments, classes and more…

Wellness Videos

Wellness videos and classes that informs and empowers.


“Where the Impossible is Possible”; Experience Healing Using Cutting Edge Technology.


Effective, Non Invasive Services at Prices You Can Afford.

Classes and Workshops: Online and Onsite

World Class Education Offered at Little to No Cost!

Try a Free Month's Broadcast Absolutely "Risk Free"!

Experience Healing Electromagnetic Energy Transmitted Through The Airwaves

*****Discount Wellness Sessions******

Receive regular treatments at Healing Tree? This is our way of recognizing our regular customers and giving you an opportunity to save money.  Get 10 Shiatsu treatments for the price of 8.  Take 10% off of a 5-pack of relaxing massages,  Plus, we are offering a one month trial of the Healing Broadcast, a new service from Ivan that sends you a unique energetic formula through the electromagnetic field.

Healing Broadcast

A Unique, Client Specific, Healing Formula Broadcasted/Transmitted to You via Your Electromagnetic Field.

Wellness Videos

Simply put, our wellness classes and programs provide easy to understand answers to your many health questions and empower you to make better health and lifestyle choices.

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