Dr. Lynise Anderson, N.D., C.N.C.

LyniseHeadShotI’m not your mother’s wellness educator!

For more than 15 years I enjoyed a successful career in engineering and program management.  Then, in 2001, my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During her illness, I was introduced to the world of natural medicine by a gifted traditional naturopath who showed me how your body could heal itself.  Three months from the time of her diagnosis, my grandmother was gone, but my life was forever changed.  I’d become fascinated with the possibility of healing, and grew more interested in applying my knowledge of systems to the human body’s potential for healing instead of engineering systems.  More importantly, I became keenly aware that there was a wealth of information about health and healing that was not being shared, and I believed that, if people knew that information, they would be empowered to make more informed choices about their health for themselves and their families. This realization continues to inform my thinking.

Empowering People is My Calling

In addition to attaining my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, I received my Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College in Natural Health in 2003.  I then went on to receive certifications in advanced nutrition, herbalism and functional physiology. As I continued to learn more and want to share more, it became evident that teaching… educating… empowering people is my calling.

I have a gift for taking complicated subjects and making them easy to understand.  My down to earth approach (along with my little known but lively sense of humor) creates an authentic space for people to become open to the possibilities for their own healing. In 2009, I published my first book, “Who? Me? Stressed?”.  Since then, I have conducted workshops, seminars and wellness programs for civic groups, small businesses, school systems and government organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic area.  Educating is my passion. It is my heart’s work. Indeed, it is my responsibility.

You are the Authority of Your Life

Over the last 12 years, I have maintained the belief that knowledge is the way out of suffering and into health. Every session with me – whether individual, group or in the classroom – is inspiring, enlightening and empowering.  You are the authority of your life and your health.  I have the tools, resources, and knowledge that can help you become the best advocate for your own well-being.  I’ve found that focusing more on the person who has the illness, and not the illness the person has, has been fundamental in helping my clients regain and maintain their health. Together, we make a team whose primary objective is helping you to achieve and maintain optimal health.

If you or your organization is ready to step fully into wellness, contact me at Lynise@HealingTreeHealth.com to get information on accessing my live seminars, online webinars, workshops, or an entire organizational wellness program.

Let me be your partner on your journey to vibrant and lasting well being.



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