Healthy Habits FAQs

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Healthy Habits FAQs

  • I’ve joined other programs, how is Healthy Habits different?
    • Simply put, the Healthy Habits program will help you create a healthy lifestyle – not just lose weight or adhere to some ultra restrictive diet or uber intense exercise program!  You determine what you want to achieve – we help you achieve it!
  • Will I get one-on-one coaching and/or feedback from a real health coach, or am I on my own once I start the program.
    • While Healthy Habits is an online program, it’s not “do-it-yourself”. Our coaches are very active in the Healthy Habits Community, and you will have “1-on-1” time with a qualified Healthy Habits health coach 6 times during the program on the live conference calls, where you’ll be able to submit questions for the coach’s response.
  • I want to make changes… I know I need to make changes… I just don’t know if I’m really ready to making changes.
    • If you’re thinking about it – do it! I mean really, there’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly, totally “ready” to do anything. This time next year, you’ll wish you started today. And with Healthy Habits, you are in total control.  Whether you want to make big changes or small changes, Healthy Habits can help you.
  • Will the Healthy Habits program tell me what I should eat and what I should avoid?
    • No.  Healthy Habits is not a “dictator” program.  The Healthy Habits Total Wellness program will help you to identify areas in your life where you’d like to make changes to support your health.  Then, we’ll help you develop a strategy for making those changes, help you monitor your progress toward your success.
  • Will I have to count calories?
    • Not because we said so.  But if you have a calorie goal, then by all means, include it as a goal in your program.
  • Will I have to keep a journal?
    • Yes.  We absolutely recommend that you keep a journal during your 12 week Healthy Habits program.  A nibble here, a pinch there, a little house keeping or 2 hours in the gym – it all adds up.  We realize that journaling is a powerful tool in helping you to develop an awareness of how your current habits are supporting or inhibiting your healthy lifestyle.  Once you’re really aware of what you’re doing (or not doing), it’ll be much easier to make decisions about what habits to keep, and which ones to change or eliminate.
  • What happens if I miss a week?
    • Each week’s activities are designed to help you develop the behaviors and mindset that will support you in making lifestyle changes.  If you miss a week, that’s okay… you’ll have access to all of the materials… you’ll just have a little catch up homework to do.
  • My partner and I are both interested in making healthy lifestyle changes.  Can we take the course together?
    • Healthy Habits is an individual purchase program. Upon registration you will receive one username and one password for use during the course. If you would like to participate in Healthy Habits along with a friend, spouse or partner, you will need to each purchase the program individually.
  • Do you recommend I get an Accountability Partner (AP)?
    • There are not many things that can increase the likelihood of success and motivate you in such a drastic way than having an accountability partner. It is probably one of the single most effective components to achieving your goals. No matter what you do, get one!  Having an accountability partner reduces the likelihood of you making lame excuses for not following through. They keep you on track, encourage you, nudge you, celebrate your successes and help you through the tough times.  So… go out and get yourself an accountability partner – NOW!

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