Healing is so swift!

When I first made my appointment with Lynise, I was very excited to get started on a program that would improve my health. I had acid reflux, digestive problems, arthritis in some of my joints. I knew I wasn’t eating right, nor was I sleeping well. I’m so pleased that after just a couple of months of working with Lynise and Ivan I am able to say “Thank you God for sending them to our community”.   Healing here is so swift.  Now, I sleep 8 or 9 hours each night, I have no acid reflux, no digestive problems and my arthritis is almost un-noticeable. Through the Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program, I found out what the right foods for me are. It’s great not to have to count calories or weigh food. I would recommend it to anyone. Ivan is so gifted through his training of Shiatsu. You can really feel the energy circulating through you. I could go on and on about the changes I’m experiencing, but GO! Find out for yourself! You will be glad you did.   C.W., Floyd, VA

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