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What Is Hair Analysis?

Vibrational Hair Analysis is a method to test the energetic imbalances within your body.   This analysis is based on Chinese Medicine and Applied Kinesiology and is a noninvasive way to access information about the body.

How Does It Work?

Clients provide a small sample of hair (5-10 strands) which is analyzed to identify frequencies that correspond to systemic imbalances in the body. Results are available within 4-6 weeks.

  • Once your order is placed below you will receive an email with links to download our intake form, appointment policy and instructions on how to take and mail a hair sample
  • After we receive your forms and hair sample we will contact you to set up an appointment time for you to receive your results
  • Appointments are done by telephone: you will call in at your appointment time, and we’ll be expecting you
  • During your appointment, we will discuss any imbalances identified during your hair analysis
  • We will also discuss options for a proprietary remedy we can develop to address the imbalance
  • You may also receive recommendations for nutritional or lifestyle modifications to facilitate sustained health and well-being


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