Carly Burke

Massage and Yoga Practitioner

“I am the glue that holds it all together”

I do a little bit of everything here at Healing Tree Wellness Center and am a big part in the day to day operations of the business. As Office Administrator, I am usually the first one you come in contact with here; my voice and my face are familiar with all of those we work with. My seat at the front desk has allowed me to observe so many people as they journey through their healing process. Each day I am blessed to watch people become healthier, and especially blessed to be a part of that journey with people.

Experienced Body Worker

With over 18 years experience as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher, I have had the privilege to work one on one with clients as well. For Massage, my focus was on relaxation. I believe that when the body and mind are able to relax, much of the tension we carry will simply melt away. Watching people walk out of the massage room with the look of just waking up from a restful sleep, was so fulfilling and fuels the work that I’m involved in with yoga, nutrition and alternative medicine.

Yoga Instructor

I have been teaching Beginning Hatha Yoga for more than 12 years. The practice and teaching of yoga are truly where my passion can be found. Introducing a brand new student to yoga is such an honor. I love watching my students fall in love with the practice and more fulfilling is watching my students float out of the room at the end of class experiencing the bliss that yoga brings to your life.

Nutrition Consulting

And last but certainly not least is my enthusiasm and pursuit of nutrition education. Throughout my life I have studied nutrition on my own and am now working towards a Certificate in Nutrition Consulting. I work closely with clients aiding them through the Candida and Gluten Free diets which are not only my daily diets, but also my lifestyle choice as well. Beyond educating people on dietary information, I create weekly meal plans and recipes for clients, helping them to figure out the best way to nourish themselves during their busy week.

Call me to learn more about yoga classes. Your wellbeing is worth it.

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