After Doctor’s Said it Wasn’t Possible… My Wife Was Pregnant!!

My wife and I wanted to conceive a child for some time; however, doctors informed us that her fallopian tubes were blocked. After an HSG (“dye test”) to determine the functionality of the tubes, we were told that In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was our best option. Several doctors collaborated and determined that any pregnancy would likely be an ectopic pregnancy. After consulting with the Wellness Center, we jumped on board with the Yeast Elimination Diet and other holistic remedies in an effort to improve our overall health. Immediately, we noticed increased energy, reduced bloating and gastric issues, and we felt wonderful. Additionally, in less than a year, we received the most exciting news—my wife was pregnant AND everything was in its proper place! Our thanks to God and to the Wellness Center!   W & C. P, Jacksonville, FL


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