is the best good enough
I come from a long line of really good cooks. I’m sure that’s why I’ve developed a palate for really good food. Not only gourmet, five star restaurant kind of food, but perhaps moreso, the kind of food whose aroma meets you at the door when you walk into your grandma’s house and escorts you to a time and place where love and family and good times abound. Yeah, that kind of food.

Perhaps you, like me, had the distinct pleasure – indeed honor – of learning how to cook from the unsung culinary masters of your family – mom, dad, aunties, uncles and grandparents.

But have you ever considered, who taught you how to eat?

Knowing that food has the incredible ability to bring us to a place of vibrant balance or dismal imbalance, I regularly work with clients who are incredible cooks, eating quality food – farm fresh eggs, free range chickens, grass fed beef, organic vegetables – yet, vibrant health eludes them.

The overwhelming number of diet and nutrition books, TV shows and people with well-meaning advice would have you believe that if you simply follow their plan, the health and vitality you seek readily await you. The problem is, all of these well researched, scientifically proven dietary fail to consider one vitally important element – YOU!

The only right diet is the diet that’s right for you. The right diet for you is the one that gives your body the greatest opportunity to build, repair, restore and nourish itself. And sometimes… really all the time… quality is not the only factor.

Check out my video to learn a little more about why even quality foods can lead to poor health.

  • Who taught you how to eat?
  • Does your diet sustain your health as well as your heritage?

I’m excited to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Bon appetite!

Become the healthiest person you know!


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