Positively Expressing Negative Emotion
You can use anger to better understand yourself and the people you meet. We often express anger in hurtful and destructive ways. It’s a negative, hurtful emotion, so we naturally respond with negative, hurtful action. That’s not the only response, though. Learning to positively express negative emotions is a vital step in anger management.
Understanding our Emotions
Emotions are essential to our ability to function as human beings. We can’t even make decisions without factoring in how we feel about our options. Emotions steer us through our daily interactions, help us succeed at our jobs, and allow us to enjoy life. Due to our reliance on emotion, we face serious problems when we don’t fulfill our emotional needs. When we push away negative feelings like anger, it prepares those emotions to hurt us instead of helping us.
The key to controlling our emotions lies in our ability to understand them. If you can identify why you are angry, you can fulfill that need. If, instead, you try to hide that anger, you not only remove the opportunity to help yourself, but you create the opportunity to hurt yourself. Emotions are like seeds: If we bury them, they grow. Being willing to consciously feel the underlying cause of negative emotions allows you the space to make positive changes both internally and externally.
Controlling our Emotions
Negative emotion is not bad or shameful. Anger is a natural part of life for everyone. We must be willing to embrace our negative emotions and allow ourselves to feel them. If we can do that, we can channel our anger into constructive action. We can turn our stress into self control. We can even learn to better respond to the emotions of others, helping them to fulfill their emotional needs and improve their lives.
Life can be stressful, and that naturally leads us down a path of negativity. If we don’t take control of the negative emotions that cause our stress, we will inevitably respond to them hurtfully. If, instead, we learn to understand and fulfill our emotional needs, we hold the power to turn our stress and anger into positivity, helpful action, and happiness.
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