No.  Not talking about the presidential election!  The results from my hormone tests are back.  Not certain if I’m happy or not to say I really wasn’t surprised with the information I received.  However, it was nice, I suppose, to get some “official” confirmation of what I already intuitively knew – my hormones are dancing to their own drummer!  My estrogen is high.  My progesterone is low.  (Classic estrogen dominance!).  And my cortisol has lost its get up and go.  No wonder I’m feeling a hot mess!

You might be wondering what it was that lead me down this path in the first place.  I mean, we all feel a little off kilter now and then… sometimes for extended periods of time.  So what made me suspect there was something bigger going on?

Sober Up… See the Signs!

I was teaching a class on women’s health, talking to a group of 40 women (and men) about how we women and lived by the motto “work hard, play hard” and somehow forgot to add in “rest well”.  I was sharing how this paradigm can wreak havoc on our bodies and our health over the years – you know, the typical stuff us bookworms share to help people become more aware of their wellbeing.  (It’s pretty comical how I easily help others identify these issues in themselves, but somehow overlook or deny them for me.  The doctor who treats herself…..).

After the presentation, I decided to really sit down and take assessment of myself in light of the presentation.  I did a sort of gap analysis if you will of how so many things had slowly, subtly shifted.  And it became soberingly clear… I’m talking about myself.  These are my symptoms!  This is my life!

What were the signs I had denied for so long:

  • Increased anxiety and irritability
  • Nervousness (for no apparent reason)
  • Foggy thinking
  • Crying at… anything… anytime!
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue that wasn’t relieved with a good night’s sleep
  • Irregular cycles

For so long, I just chalked it all up to perimenopause.  It would pass.  I’d be fine.  But when the symptoms really started to impact my daily life, I could no longer deny that something was happening and I needed help.

If you’re wondering if hormone imbalances may be underlying some of what ails you, take a look at the two attached documents.  While they aren’t meant to be diagnostic, if you feel like you’re looking at your health in bulleted forms, you may consider getting your hormones checked out!



When next we meet, I’ll be sharing my new nutritional and supplement regimen AND some expert insights on hormonal imbalances at every age!

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