The process of being able to give the things that we are looking to receive is essential for proper balance. There are some important actions that will help you live by this law and you will see how beneficial it is in your journey to success in life.

It’s important to remember that nothing ever remains the same and our bodies are in constant exchange that is very dynamic and there is a constant interaction with the cosmos. The energy we have within us has always been an expression of the cosmic energy around us.

The flow needs to be constant

What do you think would happen if you stopped the flow of blood to your body? That blood would begin to coagulate and your body would shut down. The same thing happens when you disrupt the flow of giving and receiving between you and the cosmos. This balance is extremely important and it’s the main reason why you need to give and receive.

This principle applies to money. If you attempt to hold on to money, you will never achieve success and happiness. Money needs to flow and it needs to be given as well as received. This constant exchange will keep the balance intact and the money will never stop coming in. If you try to stop the flow, there will be stagnation and prosperity will come to a halt.

Giving and receiving are the same thing

This might sound confusing for some people, but giving and receiving are without a doubt the exact same thing. The flow of energy requires them to be equally involved in order to maintain the perfect flow with the universe. The more you give, the more will be returned to you and this is an undeniable truth. What goes out will come back in the same proportion.

A gift can be anything as simple as a smile or compliment. The main thing to remember is that it will be a gift as long as it brings joy and pleasant feelings to those around you. The more you can help spread joy and circulate those positive feelings that make people feel so good, the easier it will be for you to feel happier and that is a key element for success.

Always remember that the most powerful gifts that you can offer others are not material gifts. Emotional gifts are much more powerful and they hold more value and weight in this balance. Material gifts hold little significance and value to the flow of the universe. To care, to appreciate, to give someone your attention. Those are the kind of gifts that really make a difference for those who received them as well as those who give them,

Giving and Receiving,


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