As a traditional naturopath and functional nutritionist, I am blessed to have access to a wealth of information about health and well-being that I use regularly to help others regain, restore and maintain their optimal health.  And yet, with all of that knowledge in my head (and at my fingertips), I find that I, just like the rest of the world, have my own set of “stuff”.  At 51, I have found that I am in the midst of “the change”.  No manual.  No memo.  No pre-recorded message.  Just out here, like so many other women, making the best out of every day as I navigate my way through the waters of peri-menopause.

Well, after several years of getting it together, only to watch it fall apart again as life’s stresses continue to show up, I decided to get some help.  (Because you know the saying – “The doctor who treats herself has a fool for a patient”).  Okay, so maybe that isn’t always true, but I’ve found that eating according to my metabolic type, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep just hasn’t quite quelled the little nuances of hormonal upheaval.

I know MANY women out there are dealing with this issue.  And not all of them are approaching menopause.  Hormones imbalances can begin as early as your teen’s and can wreak havoc on your health throughout your life without you even knowing it.  So, for my next few blog posts, I’ve decided to share my journey toward a balanced life through balancing my hormones.  I’ll be sharing radio interviews, articles, nutritional advice and other information that will help you find the right option for getting your hormonal life in balance.  And, I’ll be sharing my personal journey – complete with lab reports and my own struggles and excitement as I incorporate a personal regimen for healing and balance.

To get started, check out this introductory video.

Happy Hormones!!

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