Client Testimonials

When none of the other options worked…

My family and I have been working with Ivan for well over a year now, on our health concerns. Ivan has helped us through all kinds of issues and won’t stop until he figures it out. He is a wonderful and talented person and we are all healthier because of him.

Baltimore, MD

Hair Analysis

Can’t Find the Words To Express My Gratitude

It has taken me a long time to write this testimonial letter because I could not and still have not found the words to express my gratitude to Ivan Anderson (and the Healing Tree) for all he has accomplished toward the healing of my physical, mental and spiritual...

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More Energy Than I Had in My 30’s!

I am 71 years young and want to let you know I've been working with Healing Tree for about 1 year. In that time, I have lost weight, don't have discomfort when walking and have more energy than I had in my 30's. I feel great!   P.E., Rocky Mount, VA  

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Healing Tree Completely Turned Things Around For Me!

I had severe breathing problems as a child, and they continued into adult hood. It was almost embarrassing to go out, because I was always sniffling and snorting – I was FULL of mucus all the time. I also had indigestion something terrible.  Between the chronic sinus...

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Lost 13lbs… Feeling Better Than Ever

I came to the Healing Tree because I had fatigue and hair loss.  I was worried because clumps of hair would be in the shower drain each day.  [Ivan and Lynise recommended a Candida cleanse]. I started a gluten-free diet, gave up artificial sweeteners and caffeine and...

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Thank You For Giving Me Mobility Again!

In December 1984, I had an accident that resulted in a severe brain stem injury.  I needed someone to come in every morning to get me out of bed, showered, cook breakfast... I was only able to be mobile through the use of a scooter, which I still needed assistance...

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Big improvement in my well being

I came to the Healing Tree because my neck was constantly sore and my head would shake with a tremor like movement.  It was very difficult to just "be" in my own skin.  After working with Ivan and Lynise - clearing out toxins in my body - I noticed a big improvement...

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Thank you for being my “miracle man.”

Ivan, you are my miracle man!  I had a frozen shoulder for about 8 or 9 months when I stumbled on you quite by accident.  After being with you for 10 minutes I knew I was in good hands and you fixed my shoulder 100% after one visit.  A lot of people claim to know...

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