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There’s a reason certain foods cause sharp stomach pains, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, or vomiting.  The average person is unaware of food containing fungi and the effect that fungi have on your health.  This book describes some of the common fungi that I address in my practice.
All of the symptoms mentioned above can be a sign of an imbalance in the body. Sometimes imbalances are addressed with prescriptions that will mask the symptoms, but they never completely go away.
We have a non-invasive way of discovering the imbalances in your body using just a few strands of your hair.  By performing what’s called a hair analysis, we get to the root of digestive issues and then produce a custom remedy to help lead your body’s imbalances back into balance!

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Watch the video below as Carly tells you how simple it is to collect a hair sample for analysis.  There’s no reason to continue having unwanted digestive pain!  *CALL CARLY TODAY for all the details!

Let Carly Tell You About Collecting A Hair Sample


Not much different than giving a blood sample at your general practicitioner’s office, taking a hair sample (5-10 strands) is a non-invasive way to access information about an individual’s unique body.
(And who really likes needles anyway, right?)

As we all know, sometimes our bodies feel completely out-of-balance.  There is a way to test those energetic imbalances within the body and that is done with a Vibrational Hair Analysis.  In this test, the hair is analyzed to identify frequencies that correspond with imbalances in the body.  Once identified, those imbalances can be brought back into balance with one of our rememdies developed unqiuely for you.

But How Does This All Work?  Watch As Ivan Explains The Process!


We Offer a Money-Back Guarantee!*  

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We know our process works!  Just listen some of our testimonials!  Vibrational hair analysis allows us to discover the imbalances in your body and get to the “root” of digestive issues and then produce a remedy to help persons correct their imbalances and feel better!  CALL CARLY TODAY because you have nothing to lose but unwanted digestive pain!

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You don’t have to just take our word for it… just listen to the testimonials!

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