There is no question that going from idea to action can be one of the most difficult things for people to do in life. It’s easy to have great ideas, but the bridge that you have to cross to make them a reality and turn them into actions is so easy to cross. I’d like to give you 3 essential steps that I’ve found helpful along my journey.

Think Positive!

Yes, this is the most important step and it has to be the first one too. You need to think positively about your idea and you have to be able to envision the best possible outcome once your ideas are finally turned into actions. Your thoughts are much more powerful than you may realize and this part of the process is going to be crucial.

Feel It!

A large number of people neglect this important step that helps you put ideas into actions because they are afraid to get in touch with their emotions. You need to allow yourself to notice how you feel about the journey and how you feel about the process involved. Do you feel passionate about what you are pursuing, or is it something that seems like a logical path to take? The ideal situation is for this to feel good and to feel natural to you.

Separate Ego From Emotion!

This is important because you need to identify if you are taking actions based on your ego or if they are based on your emotions. This might seem confusing at first and most people might wonder if they are indeed in a path that is driven by ego or one that is driven by emotion. The answer to this can be simple if you pay attention.

Let’s say you decide to study law because you have the connections and the relatives that can help you earn good money fast. This is something that you are engaging for ego-based reasons because your main goal is to earn a lot of money and there is nothing about your career choice that makes you feel satisfied at a personal and emotional level.

Then you have the possibility of choosing a career option that actually makes you feel happy and rewarded. A profession that makes you feel good at an emotional level and that is the kind of path that is often going to help lead to a much better outcome. The idea is for you to know that ego driven success is not necessarily a bad thing, but you are always going to feel incomplete and you are always going to have a sense of spiritual hollowness if you decide to let your ego drive your actions in life.


Take action, take risks, follow your heart and make sure that your ego is never the ultimate driving force in your life. If you manage to keep this in mind, you will get the results you want.

With Gratitude,

Abrea Lowry

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