I am very blessed to live in beautiful Floyd, Virginia, less than a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you have ever been through the mountains of southwest Virginia, you know that this area has stunning views around every corner. Those views, roads, trails, fields, and trees in this area have helped to keep the crazy away more times than I can count! 🙂

I clock many hours per week sitting at my desk, in front of my computer. To keep balance in my life I choose to spend as much time outside, in the woods, driving back roads, and catching sunsets as I can. After clocking so many hours inside, outside always feels so expansive! Through that expansion I can easily come back to center, my true essence, I can simply be.

So here are a few of the views that have made it into my life! I hope they bring you a sense of peace and help to keep the crazy away today! 🙂

And if you have a favorite picture from the natural world around you, please share! I would love to see what beauty inspires you!

With backwoods daydreams,
Carly Burke




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