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At the Healing Tree Wellness Center, we help you to feel your best and help you stay that way. Our leading edge holistic therapies allow us to find the underlying cause of your health issues, and develop individualized protocols that help you achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and wellness. No matter near or far, we are here to help.

Make Our Team Your Wellness Team. Contact us today because:

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  • We are Affordable!
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Client Testimonials

Thank you for being there for me. My feelings of anger are gone. I am more productive and I feel free. Your shiatsu has given me a sense of inner balance. I do not know how you make your remedies, but they have helped me and my family get through some tough times. Thank you again. God Bless You.


Philadelphia, PA

I’m doing really well following the eating protocol Lynise designed for me. I’ve already lost 11lbs since I saw you!


Floyd, VA

It has been a little over 2 years since I first started having problems with my sleep. But since I left your office, I have been sleeping like a baby. Finally, I am totally loving life! I am grateful to you for your help and accuracy in assessing my imbalances. Now that I feel like I have someone who can correctly understand what’s going on with me, I really want to address all the things I have struggled with the past couple of years.


Baltimore, MD

The eating change has been really, really good for me. Overall, so much more consistently good energy. Without trying I have shed 20 some odd lbs. I would say my chronic pain is less, and certainly my inflammatory syndrome is almost nil.


Floyd, VA

The Lyme Disease was my most immediate concern and that is completely gone. I am 65 years old and now have the energy that I experienced in my 20’s.


Floyd, VA

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