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We all have a natural desire to feel loved and accepted. It provides us with a sense of security and connectedness and it enhances the way we feel about ourselves.

Despite the inherent need for a sense of belonging, we often rely too much on the opinions of other people. Sometimes we become so consumed with seeking the approval of others that we become people pleasers and forget how to speak up for ourselves. This need for external validation often keeps us from realizing the inner power we can use to make ourselves feel fulfilled.

Why should we love ourselves?

Our thoughts and behaviors reflect back on us. Not only do we attract like-minded people, but we also teach people how to treat us. If you act as though your own needs aren’t important, other people will treat you as though your needs aren’t important. On the other hand, if you respect and appreciate yourself, other people will feel motivated to do the same.

When we are loving and compassionate towards ourselves, we start to become our own source of love. The fulfillment that so many of us seek from other people can be provided from within ourselves. This extra emotional independence gives us a stronger sense of inner peace, and it allows us to form relationships that are driven by motivations more valuable than validation or acceptance.

How do we begin loving ourselves more?

This is a common question, and asking it is a valuable step in improving yourself. I believe that the best way to begin loving yourself is to start treating yourself as though you are your own parent; be good to yourself, care and nurture your inner child.

Listen to your feelings.

Our feelings serve as an internal guiding system that helps us navigate through life. When we suppress our feelings and ignore the guidance of our emotional compass we are subconsciously abandoning that part of ourselves.
Your feelings will tell you whether you are caring about yourself or neglecting yourself, whether the people around you are positive and supportive or toxic and draining. Learn to listen to yourself and to interpret the best way to react.
Remember that both positive and negative emotions are there to help us speak our inner truth. Trust the signals that your body is sending.

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