Everyone will experience insecurity at some point in their lives for various reasons.

However, for many, feelings of insecurity can be resolved before they have a lasting, harmful impact.

Here are some tips that I’ve found useful when you are looking for a good way to regain confidence and get rid of those horrible feelings of insecurity.

Remember that insecurity is close to humility

Not all is bad about feeling insecure. Those who experience that kind of feeling are more likely to maintain a sense of humility. The idea is to avoid feeling insecure and turn that into a virtue.

Never forget that insecurity is invisible

Some people feel like others can see how they feel and that is not the case. If you exteriorize your insecurities by being extremely quiet and shy, people will have an easier time figuring out that you are insecure, but most people don’t exteriorize those feelings. Just remind yourself of the fact that most of the time people have no idea that you are insecure.

Seek the company of positive and supportive people

It’s quite easy to start feeling insecure when you surround yourself with the most positive people you can find. Those who are always around people who are critical of everything they do are often going to end up feeling very insecure about their lives. Avoid that kind of person and look for the company of those who appreciate and support your efforts.

Collect positive feedback

You can create a journal and take note every time someone says something positive about you, this can be a great way to reinforce your self-esteem and it will help you get away from those feelings of insecurity that can be so damaging.

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