Is there anyone out there that’s living a slow paced stress free prosperous life? If yes, please tell me your secret! Seriously, we all have stress and we are all in need of tools to help maintain and balance our stress.

Most of us find our stress levels on the rise as we navigate through our days. And I for one am always on the lookout for new techniques to clear my mind and relax my body.

As a long time yoga instructor, I have tried many different breathing techniques with my students. Each breathing technique creating different results, some with more power than others.

The most magical, yes I said magical, technique that I love sharing with my students is Counting the Exhalation. Once my students are introduced to the breathing technique we incorporate it into our movement practice and the stillness created in my students can be felt as well as seen. You can see their bodies relax and you can feel minds clear, and to experience that in a room full of people is MAGICAL!!!

As we move into the Holiday Season, I would like to share the gift of Counting the Exhalation. This breathing technique can be your secret tool to combat stress no matter where you are or who you are around, no one has to know why you are sitting there so chill!

-Start by taking a moment to settle into the Deep Belly Breath.
-Once you have the rhythm of the Deep Belly Breath, on the inhalation, in your minds eye, say the word IN.
-As you exhale, in the mind’s eye, count the exhalation starting with the #1.
-Continue on with this pattern until you reach the 5th exhalation.
-Your breathing pattern will look like this; IN – 1, IN – 2, IN – 3, IN – 4, IN – 5.
-Once you release your 5th counted exhalation, allow your natural breath to come in and take over.

One round of 5 conscious breaths may be just enough to bring you back to center. You can practice this breathing technique as many times as you like throughout the day and for as many cycles as you like.

May your holiday’s be full of LOVE and JOY!

Carly Burke

Become the healthiest person you know!


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