As a Body Worker and Yoga Instructor I have had the privilege to observe many types of people and how they move through life. Each person moves their body differently, they move through life at different paces and process in different ways. With all of our individual characteristics there is one thing that many of us have in common, a breath holding pattern. The breath is one thing that moves continuously without us having to put a thought into it, yet we find ourselves constricted regularly and the breath stopping its natural flow.

In my own observation of self and my own breath holding patterns, the times where I am not breathing are the very times I am “spinning” stuff in my head. When we are no longer present in the body, we constrict, we tighten, and we step away from our natural flow. The thoughts in our heads become far more important than presence and we forget that we are more than the daydream passing through our mind.

Here is where breathing into our lives and into the present moment is important and here is a very simple way to bring awareness and flow back into your body. You can practice this anytime and anywhere. And no worries if others are around, no one has to know what you are doing! Take a moment and see how this very simple technique brings you back into this time and this space.

Begin by bringing awareness to the breath, is it moving? Or are you holding your breath? Chances are you are breathing just enough. Drop your awareness into the body, the space between the shoulders and the pelvic floor. As you settle into this space, bring your awareness to the breath, deepening and lengthening the breath.  Can you feel the body beginning to soften and relax?

Continue to follow the breath as it moves in and out the nostrils. Follow the inhalation down into the belly space, the space that sits below the belly button, the space that sits in the pelvis. Follow the exhalation out the torso and out the nostrils. Stay present with this breath as the body relaxes, relaxing the shoulders away from the ears and feeling the mind begin to release. Sit with this intentional breath as long or as little as you like. Sometimes it only takes a few conscious breaths to bring us back into the body and relax the mind.

As you move through your day, as you move through the world, as you move through life, take the best version of yourself with you! Remember, this life is SHORT! Treat yourself with kindness and respect and allow that to trickle out to all the lives that you touch!


Carly Burke

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