Let’s face it, self-esteem is a characteristic that is going to play a very important role in your life. The more you care about yourself in a genuine way, the better your life is going to be. This is the main reason why successful people are always people who happen to love who they are and value who they become. So I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve found helpful along my journey that can help to boost your self-esteem and make you feel good about being you.

Think positive thoughts
This is definitely easier said than done when you are experiencing difficult times in your life, but it can definitely be accomplished. You need to look at the positive side of everything even when you know that things could also go wrong, you will find that they will have a positive outcome most of the time.

Don’t compare yourself to others
When you start to compare yourself to other people, you are never going to be happy because there will always be someone else who has achieved more in life than you have. Don’t turn this into a competition with others, but instead, turn it into a competition with yourself. Strive to be a better version of yourself day after day.

Surround yourself with positivity
This is a very important tip because it will help you maintain a positive attitude. If you surround yourself with negative people and you hang out in negative environments, you will find yourself becoming a negative person. This is the reason why you need to change those environments and look for positive people.

Be thankful for the little things
The simple fact that you get to wake up in a free environment without war and without continuous violence is definitely something to be grateful for. There are many people in the world who would give everything they have just to have that freedom and that peace of mind.

Make a list of your past moments of success
Anything hat has felt like an accomplishment is going to count. This is a good thing because being able to look back at the things you have been able to do in the past is going to help encourage you to get more done in the future. Remember that success is not measured by how much you accomplished, but simply by how great you felt after you accomplished something.

Write down your personal qualities
This is also going to be very important because it will give you the chance to see the positive aspects of your personality and the things about yourself that make you happy. Do you feel you are a humble and sincere person? Then write it down and always keep it in mind.

Do good things for others
Encourage someone who may be feeling down or volunteer your time to help support your  local community. Doing good feels good. Big or small doesn’t matter, the help always counts.

Find what you love to do
Being able to feel productive is always going to help you feel happier in general. This is the main reason why you need to work hard on finding what makes you feel passionate and that is what you should strive to do in life.

Learn from your mistakes
Your self-esteem is going to be improved greatly when you are able to learn from the mistakes that you have made in the past. Never forget the importance of being able to analyze your flaws and your personal issues and gather the strength to get rid of them and overcome them.

With Gratitude,

Abrea Lowry

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