For many of us that spend a lot of time on our yoga mats, music plays a big part of our practice.
There are so many great albums out there that can really deepen your time on the yoga mat. As someone motivated and inspired by music, I love choosing new albums for my personal yoga practice and for the yoga classes I teach. Here are 5 great albums that I think you will really enjoy as you find your groove and true essence on your yoga mat.

    1. DJ DrezSounds Tools for Sacred Movement by DJ Drez – If you have not experienced the sacred sounds of DJ Drez, drop everything and check him out! All of his albums are GREAT! I really can not choose one as my favorite! The reason I chose Sounds for Sacred Movement is it happens to be I am listening to it as I write this. All of DJ Drez’s albums are great for your yoga practice and I know that you will really enjoy his incorporating his music into your practice!


2. Light of the Naam by Snatam Kaur – Like DJ Drez, all albums by Snatam Kaur are awesome. Her sweet voice sharing mantras is that of an angel. I have one yoga student that often makes requests to “hear the lady with the voice of an angel.” The music of Snatam Kaur feels as if it is cleansing the air around you, heightening your inner awareness and relaxing the body, mind and spirit.


  1. Savasana 3: Natural Beauty by Wah! – Bringing mantras to life, Wah! will sooth you to your core. Flowing through this beautiful creation of sound aids in centering and much like Snatam Kaur, you can feel the air around you changing and clearing. The voice and the music flow so smoothly, entering a full state of awareness becomes effortless.

Janet Stone

  1. Echoes of Devotion by Janet Stone – This album is incredibly special, incorporating the work of DJ Drez and his beautiful partner Marti Nikko, with Janet Stone. A true gift to the yoga community, you can feel the love that went into creating this album. Each time I listen to this album I hear something new, something unfolding. It’s really awesome and I feel a great enhancement to any yoga practice.
  1. Michael BarryOn The Road to North Mountain by Michael Barry-Rec – The acoustic sounds of Michael Barry-Rec will pick the pace up a bit. This is one of my favorite albums to play in my morning yoga classes; the pace is a little faster and really gets the rhythm set for an energized practice. I really like this album too because I doubt Michael was thinking his work would be enjoyed on a yoga mat, yet it fits perfectly for classes and personal practice.

If you check out any of these albums, already know how cool they are, or have an album that you love, please share in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! As we move through our yoga practice, adding new inspiration is always so refreshing! Here’s to keeping your yoga practice full of presence and energy!


Carly Burke





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