There is no question that one of the things that people tend to run away from in life is the feeling of pain. Most people will run from those feelings because they will find them to be overwhelming and they consider them to be a form of punishment. The good news is that emotional pain is actually a necessary thing to experience because it allows you to evolve and grow stronger as an individual.

For example, when a person breaks your heart, you are going to experience a very strong level of emotional distress and this is always going to be a difficult thing to handle. You can choose to hide from those feelings and shut them down by avoiding them, or you can choose to allow yourself to feel them without any restraints.

When you allow yourself to feel, you will gain a large level of spiritual experience because you have allowed the pain to mold you into a stronger individual that is able to handle emotions with more efficiency. This is the main reason why you need to allow pain to be part of your life.

The good thing about pain is that once you experience a great deal of it, you will notice that you start to change and you evolve into a person who embraces that pain when it’s time to continue growing from any painful experience in the future.

Pain is an extremely important part of our evolution and it has been proven that we can also pass our ability to handle emotions to our children in our genetic code, so think of your growth as an individual as part of a chain that is going to benefit your descendants even after you are gone.

Pain is part of life, but the way we choose to handle that pain is going to determine if we grow or if we get stuck trying to avoid those feelings.

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