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How to Develop Your Empathy Skills

In my opinion empathy is one of the most important skills we can develop. Empathy allows us to sense, feel and understand the feelings and emotions of others. It is crucial to our personal development, our relationships and to society that we try to observe and assess...

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3 Words to Change Your Thoughts

Last week I gave my yoga students homework! That's one of the fun parts about being a yoga instructor, giving fun homework to my students to aid them in their personal growth and development. Most of the homework I give is movement, yoga postures for my students to...

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How to Put Your Ideas Into Action

There is no question that going from idea to action can be one of the most difficult things for people to do in life. It's easy to have great ideas, but the bridge that you have to cross to make them a reality and turn them into actions is so easy to cross. I'd like...

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The Real Price of Free Foods

"Free-from" food products, whether they're labeled sugar-free, fat-free or gluten-free, are fast becoming a trendy lifestyle choice, regardless of allergies or intolerance. The popularity of these products, tastier and more widely available than ever, is driven by...

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Food Allergies Spring Forward

Food Allergies Spring Forward   This is normally the time of year that my clients seek help from allergies to pollen—sneezing, watery and itchy eyes.  This year, however, many clients are coming in for bloating, diarrhea and fatigue, all symptoms of food...

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How Nature Can Keep The Crazy Away!

I am very blessed to live in beautiful Floyd, Virginia, less than a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you have ever been through the mountains of southwest Virginia, you know that this area has stunning views around every corner. Those views, roads, trails, fields,...

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The Flow of Giving and Receiving

The process of being able to give the things that we are looking to receive is essential for proper balance. There are some important actions that will help you live by this law and you will see how beneficial it is in your journey to success in life. It's important...

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The Importance of Emotional Pain

There is no question that one of the things that people tend to run away from in life is the feeling of pain. Most people will run from those feelings because they will find them to be overwhelming and they consider them to be a form of punishment. The good news is...

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The Force is With You… No Really It Is!

One of the least talked about and one of the most important components to having vibrant health is the balance of energy in your body. Energy is called by many names. Some call it the Holy Spirit or God. The Japanese call it ki (pronounced key); the Chinese call it...

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